CFO Shared Services

Monthly Financial Analysis and Comparisons

  • Month End Process in Accordance with GAAP
  • Sales Analysis by Customer, Rep, Product, Etc.
  • Margin Monthly Fluctuation Analysis
  • Margin Analysis by Customer, Product, Etc.
  • Expense Fluctuation Analysis

Job Costing

  • Controls and Procedures for Accurate Costing
  • Performance to Standard Analysis
  • Equipment Rate Calculation
  • Applied Overhead Analysis
  • Reconcile Job Cost to Income Statement

Cost of Goods Sold Analysis and Comparisons

  • Ensure Accurate Material Used Amounts
  • Proper Labor Classifications
  • Accrual Accounting for Labor
  • Overhead Classifications
  • Accrual Accounting for Overhead Accounts

Key Performance Metrics

  • Determine Metrics Needed
  • Consistently Prepared
  • Cross Functional for Operations, Sales, Admin

Internal Control Analysis

  • Create Process Controls That Ensure
  • All Transactions are Recorded and are Correct

Accounts Receivable Review

  • Review Collections Process
  • Recommendations on Credit Holds

Sales Tax Compliance

  • Compliance With Sales Tax Rules Including Wayfair


  • Balance Sheet and Income Statement Forecasts
  • Cash Forecasting

Foreign Currency

  • Complete Foreign Currency Accounting


  • Assistance With Annual Budget Process
  • Budget to Actual Analysis