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Steven J. Miller


A headshot of Steven J. Miller.

Steven J. Miller is the President and Founder of Proven Solutions Consulting.  He has a unique set of skills and experience making him very qualified and successful at achieving your company’s goals and objectives.  

During the last eight years he has worked at Label Traxx, assisting customers around the world with accounting, implementation, and consulting services, specializing in financial structure, cost accounting, margin analysis, and metric dashboards.

Steven is a CPA, who in addition to being an expert in cost accounting, understands the manufacturing and printing process, as well as lean concepts for both production and administration.  Steven is known for being strategically focused, extremely competent, and understands the details of day-to-day transactions.  He believes starting with the end in mind will always deliver the best end result.

Before joining Label Traxx he was CFO of a company using Label Traxx.  Prior to that, part of senior management teams at several large manufacturing companies.  He specialized in MIS systems, ensuring procedures and controls were in place for not only proper accounting, but consistent and accurate operation of the entire company.

Steven started his career with the international accounting firm of Ernst & Young.  He spent seven years specializing in audit and tax services for primarily entrepreneurial clients, but also several large public companies.